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Welcome to my home page

Welcome to my home page. I've tried to gather a few of my favourite things together to share with you all. I suppose it is my own little way to tell the world what I think of it. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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The latest news from my home page. Find out what's been happening and the latest changes.


A couple of brainteasers
Give your brain something to think about


Optical illusions are cool


The illustrated story of my first chaotic trip around India.
Now completed and revealed in full

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Visit my own little poetry corner where you can see a sample of my poetic ability. Don't take someone else's word. Visit today and make up your own opinion.


Come to the photo gallery. Some of my favourite pictures on show.
Online gallery search now available

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Find out what's happening in the heavens.
The Moon Phase and Lunar Eclipse Calculators for every occasion.


CardShop - top quality virtual greetingsCreate your own virtual greetings at the CardShop.
Another great FREE service from

Strange Stuff

A collection of stuff that I've found or been sent that can loosely be described as humorous.

Midi Jukebox

Want some cheesy music to listen to while you browse? If so you can't beat the Midi Jukebox.
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100% cheesy!


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