Toby's Poems



Here is a selection of my poetry. Fortunately for many, this selection has been edited to exclude the more pathetic attempts at the art. I hope to find some others to add later and maybe if inspired I'll write some more.

They aren't presented in any particular order, just as I found them.

All poems (c) Toby Dacre


This is a poem which sums up my life.



Things to do

The other day I woke in bed
Ideas rushing through my head
Things to do, things to make
To fill my day from when I wake
But all I did was sit and dream
In my mind a constant scream

Today has almost disappeared
Still I'm filled with new ideas
Books to write and paint some art
From my dreams so hard to part
In my mind that constant scream
whatever happened to the dream




I like this one.



The see-through eyed girl

I met a girl with see through eyes
water running through her hair
her voice was like a sharpened sword
cutting through the lies of life
the meat she eats is always raw
bare feet hard as steel
hands as soft as fallen snow
still they try and kill her
ripping out her living flesh
suck it dry and spit it out
I hope she never tires and dies
become a thousand lifeless shards
an empty sphere of endless death




This poem was inspired by some lighting I rigged up in my room from a retort stand, some coloured bulbs and a sheep skull from a friend (a farmer). Damn fine lamp it was.



Skull on a pole

I have a sheep skull on a pole
with staring empty eyes
It watches every move I make
I know that it's alive




Why not?



In my mind

A thousand empty toothpaste tubes
floating through my mind
If I was to take a look in yours
what would I find




Lots of my poems are about self-destruction and madness. This is one of my favourites.



I love life

Even before the madness came
I knew that I would go insane
The world would twist and scream and burn
From sanity I had to turn
Destroy my soul, cut out my eyes
Anything to escape the lies
But in the end the world will win
Cos life is there to do you in




Long ago when I kept fish I wrote them a little poem and here it is. One of the few I can recite.




The fish in my fish tank just swim around
Trapped in their world by a glass surround
They look as though happy but you can't tell
Maybe they want to get out of their cell




Based upon a true event in my life when I was still romantic.



Coffee pot

There was a girl I wished to marry
And up the stairs I did carry
But when no coffee did she bring
I had to chuck the whole thing in




The earliest of my poems in this collection. I think any from earlier in my life have gone forever.

I remember one about fog but only in a hazy sort of way.





Withered posies

They stood there - statues black
Silent, still, not a move, not a sound
The vicar cut the air - his words digging dagger deep
The coffin lowered to the worms
A mumble passes over the statued crowd
and they were gone
The spell broken
None remember the one now gone
All that remains is a small stone block at his head
And withered flowers at his feet