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December 2000

The end of the year - how quickly they seem to go by. I suppose I managed to fit quite a lot of stuff into this one even if the seasonal greetings cards didn't get there, but then there is always next year. The site has definitely seen quite a few changes and enlargement over the year although this gets progressively harder as now there are other sites that command my attention rather than just this one alone.

Plans for the next year: I hope to get more photos up in the gallery especially the ones I took out in India and now that my scanner will be working again in a couple of weeks - I have found the cause of it's problems. As ever a big thank you to all the visitors who have come to visit. So long suckers!

November 2000

There isn't that much in the way of news this month, mainly as I have been involved with doing other things. I am building some other sites and these have been a higher priority than dacre.net for now. I have a vision of doing some Christmas cards for the CardShop before the big day but this may not happen if there are too many distractions.

October 2000

Part 1

The nights are starting to draw in and the autumn is upon us (or at least those of us in the Northern hemisphere). I am pleased to say that visitor numbers to dacre.net are continuing to rise and remain pretty international. I am still spending too much of my time playing around on my computer. As far as work on the site goes regular visitors will notice that slow progress continues. This months latest feature the MIDI Jukebox which allows you to listen to some MIDI tunes whilst browsing. For more info see the MIDI Jukebox Page. I have to say that I am very pleased with it even if it is not the most challenging of additions and the songs are all fairly cheesy.

I have managed to sort out the 'security breach' on the site - Some b*****d put a banner ad in my Guestbook, which I thought was very cheeky. I have since removed it but I was saddened to have censored the Guestbook. This is the only time I have done it and I like the fact that it has abuse as well as positive comments. Seeing how I've now mentioned it don't forget to go, preferably with something nice to say.

Click here to start the Jukebox
The Jukebox

Part 2

Those of you who visit regularly will I hope notice that quite a lot has changed. I had been thinking about a face lift for the main part of the site for a while and am quite happy with the changes - anyway it's late I need to get some sleep.


September 2000

Well, I have now returned to the UK and am once more settling down in this more familiar environment. Not much has changed on the site for a while now but the opportunity for new stuff continues. In the meantime I have an chance to do a bit of a stock take now that I have a web server set up on my home machine. Hopefully this will allow me to iron out any glitches that may exist such as the unfortunate failing of the CardShop due to an over hasty update, such are the troubles of updating your site from some random cyber-cafe.


August 2000

More journeying through India. Spent time in Bangalore and witnessed first hand the chaos caused by the abduction of movie Idol Raj Kumar by the feared and revered outlaw Verrapan. Then up for a brief stay in Manali and surroundings before getting on the plane back home ...


July 2000

The sun continues to shine. I have been spending a peaceful time in Ponndicherry, former French colony of Southern India. It has been a place to treat myself to some good food and a relax. Next stop Mamallapuram with it's famous sea temple.

The About Dacre.net page has made a reappearance after I killed it off last year. I'm particularly pleased with the cursor trails.


June 2000

Taking advantage of the Internet facilities in Madurai, Tamil Nadu to make the latest site addition. CardShop a virtual greetings cards service. The range of cards is a little limited, I may try to improve this situation in the future. I am particularly pleased with my Flash animations (go and see them). It has been something I wanted to do for a while to test out sending e-mails using a CGI script and producing customised pages. Next I have to think of something that has a legitimate need for cookies. It was also about time the site had something new on it.

Click here and make someone smile


May 2000

Continuing my journey around India. It has been difficult to put things up on the net during my travels. I have now succeeded in updating things on the site.

Spent a few days last week being a film star with my new found friend Matt before we went our separate ways. Spent most of the time being driven around Kerala in an overcrowded jeep. Jumping out at beauty spots and relaxing in the sun with the odd bit of wandering around in front of the camera. Excellent fun!

Now I have moved west from the cool of the Western Ghats to the burning plains of Tamil Nadu.

After the success of an improvised treacle sponge I have decided to open source my recipe.


April 2000


I have made it here all in one piece. Starting my journey across the subcontinent at Delhi (hectic as ever) through Jaipur (much nicer than I had expected, especially the people) and south to Gokarna in Karnataka. It was here that my journey took a much longer pause than planned. First spending time in the village before moving out to Om beach. It was low season and so very chilled and 'shanti'. Dolphins swimming in one of the bays (who I tried to make friends with) and trips to the other beaches. Well worth a visit if you ever get the chance, though proberbly very different in the high season and getting bigger.

Lots of friendly people, India seems full of them.

Unsurprisingly few changes have happened at the site and my new additions photo gallery remains hopelessly out of date. Though some recent abuse has been added to the guestbook and Neil a postcard is on it's way.


March 2000

I have now left Reading and have been staying on a temporary basis at my younger brothers. I am due to leave for India on the 22nd and still have a huge amount to get done, though nothing that cannot wait. I have got myself a laptop to take with me which goes against all the ideals of travelling light, but is a luxury that I feel I will enjoy having and should make up for the fact that I will have to spend the next months lugging it around and getting paranoid that it will get stolen.

Hopefully I will be able to keep plugging away at the old site and add a few more bits to it while I'm away (depends on whether I can get some sort of a connection sorted). I should have my e-mail working so that I can still be contacted at the usual address.

Still not got the scanner sorted so the gallery may be a while before it's next update.


February 2000

This doing not very much seems to have been taking up a large amount of time.

I have been upgrading my computer after getting a new hard drive, which has been causing complications and the need to reinstall and configure various things. This has left me a little confused with different programs all over the place and my scanner out of action as I can't find the driver files. It's a shame as I have a backlog of photos for the gallery. All should be back working before long and it was due for an overhaul.

The plans for travel are getting more together.

I have at last added a bit of sound, though limited so far to the site. I am also getting into these flash movies which are fun.

Other than that life goes well. Had a cracking weekend up in Oxford with the lads.


January 2000

A new year and I'm still here! Things are going to change quite a bit for me over the year ahead. I've quit the job of the last five years and have a couple of months playing around then I'm off on some travels. Back to India to start with ...

Enough of that. Brrrr it's cold. Got my Moon Page stuff on the site now. Why well it just was one of those things that happen. It came out of a discussion about the tides and the moon and about how long the moon takes to go round the earth, as the book I looked in didn't say whether the earth rotating was included or not. So I ended up doing the calculator thing. Plus it was something to do and I needed a little challenge. That was last year anyway I just did December '99 early in the month.

Anyone in London for New Year? River of fire - don't believe it, what a swiz.

Lots of potential still in the year - must try to use it.

Also I've put some more strange stuff on after my brother complained about the lack of new stuff.


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