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May 2001

Another month, how life passes us by.

Well I've been quite busy with my latest site web communities. It's a place where you can set up your own web group and post pictures, links and messages, which can be just for your friends or open for the world to see. You choose. It's still being developed so improvements are happening all the time!

April 2001

Been working on my latest creation the official d'arcy website. It's for a band that I know. Currently unsigned but not for long! Went to see them at sounds at the weekend which was a fun end to a day of wandering through the parks, bars and cafes of central London - all in all a very pleasant day was had. Still waiting for the sunshine to arrive here in the uk.

Nothing much new on the site I'm afraid too many other projects occupying my time. I have added a date stamp to the guestbook (a suggestion of Mark - thanks) to hopefully encourage your comments ;-). Also I've set up a custom not found page but hopefully no-one will see that. I'll see if I can do you something better for next month.

I've also changed the font for a bit of variety and to make it even more accessible.


March 2001

Finally got some of my India photos in the gallery. Next job is to redesign it to be easier for punters to navigate as it's not quite as intuitive as I liked to think it was. Hopefully I will get round to this not to slowly. I'm writing this bit at the end of the month and am happy to report that longer days and sunshine have definitely made it to the UK at long last.

Other than that life in the world seems to be continuing as ever with the joys of foot and mouth showing the horrors of intensive farming and the charming Mr Bush in the US worrying about all the poor little oil companies and fuck the planet. Still it is important to remain optimistic at times like this. If we're lucky he'll get shot by some gun toting 6 year old!

Not too much to report on so far this month. I've done some rejigging of the site to keep it all moving along nicely. I hope to add some more photo's to the gallery soon especially the ones of my last India trip. This has been made possible by my eventual managing to get the photos developed and regaining scanner usage.

February has passed and I can now look forwards to the rest of the year with a new sense of optimism.

I've added a couple of optical illusions to keep you entertained I plan to add some more soon. The dots one is particularly disturbing on the eye.


February 2001

My least favourite month of the year is upon us.

I have decided not to let the above fact get me down too much. Now that once again I have my hands on some technology in my hands I'm sure all will be well. I got sent a couple of brainteasers recently, which I enjoyed and I though I would stick up here.

The worst news of the month came with installing Netscape 6 on my machine and discovering that it has a totally different DOM from Netscape Navigator. This means even more fun writing cross-browser pages than I have got myself used to so far.

Junction Jugglers, a site I have been working on over the last few months is now online.


January 2001

Another year starts again! I have made no resolutions whatsoever this year as I am remaining a firm believer in the concept of setting only realistic and achievable goals. This ensures that my spirit will not be broken by the negative feeling caused by failure to meet targets which were never attainable in the first place. As long as we stick to simple challenges e.g. 'will eat at least once a week' we can never be defeated.

Mushroom-Magic.com part of my web consultancy empire is now on-line though already due for a complete makeover when I have the time. I seem to have far to much stuff to do at the moment. I need to get away for another holiday.

So this is the real start of the millennium then? Who really cares all I know is that Brighton sea-front was the wettest place I could find to celebrate the coming of 2001.


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