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As technology advances we find ourselves becoming more and more alienated from the natural world around us. We are isolated from the seasons by the heating, air conditioning and lighting at home and work. Now that we live in towns and cities we rarely see the moon and stars in the sky.

Find out some Moon Facts. Look at This Month's Calendar to see what you are currently missing or check out the Moon Phase Calculator which allows you to check the phase of the moon for a month in any year 1900AD - 2100AD. This will I hope help connect you to the natural rhythms of the world and planets and maybe you'll start looking at the night sky just a little more.

Lunar Eclipses, where the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon happen about twice a year though some years there can be more or less. Eclipses of the moon only happen around the time of the full moon, as this is when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of our planet. Eclipses along with their time of occurrence are detailed when they occur in the Moon Phase Calculator along with the timing of the new and full moons. I hope to add this to the other pages soon. To find out when the next lunar eclipse will be and more details about it use the Lunar Eclipse Calculator.

The current moon phase calculations are based on your computers clock and so rely on this for accuracy. The calculations are not perfect but are accurate to within a degree.


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