MIDI Jukebox page
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I would like to start by apologising for the cheesy nature of the tunes on the MIDI Jukebox. However it does let you listen to music while you are browsing the Internet without having to use much bandwidth.

The Jukebox lives in it's own little browser window and will play tunes as long as it is open. To stop the music just close the window. To get a new 'random' tune click on the main area of the window. It's that easy. To start the Jukebox click on the image below.

Click here to open MIDI Jukebox
The Jukebox

MIDI is a cool little format that allows information about tunes to be stored in very little space. If you are interested in downloading some MIDI files a list of sites is at Top52.com


Yes, MIDI should be written in all capitals on the graphic but I don't care.