Toby's Indian Adventure


Well there you have it my Indian Adventure. As you can see I had a great time even if things were a little chaotic. This is not the full account of my travels and putting it up here I've realised how much I've left out . Every cafe I went to every item I bought has a story about it. Like teaching origami to Imran in the Yes restaurant. My days were so rich in material I could have done a novel. I'm glad I kept this though.

I was having my photo taken when these people decided they would look good as extras.

There's a lot of stuff I never got a chance to see or do but there was stuff that I don't think many will have done. Singing Don McLean's American Pie to a group of kids in a back street ghetto. Or working on my stall in Varanasi (even if I didn't get paid) I met some great people on my way at every step of the journey from all walks of life. Most of them helped me but I hope I gave something to them too.

The cute animal photo.

If you ever get the chance go there, go anywhere, travel. . .