Toby Dacre's Indian Adventure

Toby's Indian Adventure


This is the story of my journey to India that I undertook a while back. I kept a diary of my travels which I present here. The account is illustrated with some of my favourite photos.

I've pretty much put it up here word for word as I wrote it.

Hope you enjoy. If you just want to see the photos then check out the gallery.


The splendid Taj Mahal at Agra.


Part One - Arrival and Delhi

[Day 1]
[Day 2]
[Day 3]
[Day 4]
[Day 5]
[Day 6]

Part Two - To Agra and beyond

[Day 6 (continued)]
[Day 7]
[Day 8]
[Day 9]

Part Three - Varanassi

[Day 10]
[Day 11]
[Day 12]
[Day 13]
[Day 14]
[Day 15]

Part Four - Out of the plains

[Day 16]
[Day 17]
[Day 18]
[Day 19]
[Day 20]

Part Five - The return

[Day 21]
[Day 22]

Photo Gallery

[Photo Gallery]