Day 9

Toby's Indian Adventure


So much for plans hey? I am in Jhansi as I got the wrong train and was thrown off by the guard. That was at 2:00 am this morning. The train to Varanasi is at 7:30 this evening and I am at the station now waiting for it. I spent the night on a bench in the waiting room with only Lord Krishna to protect me which he seems to have done. I've not done much today. I have written and posted some cards. I have many more to do. Why do I have so many friends when I'm away from home and so few when I am there? I got my bag and shirt mended which is good and have a book on learning Hindi, which I will make an effort to keep up although it is not at all easy.

My feet are sore from wandering around without any socks on and I desperately need a shower. My hair is all sticking up on top in the way that I like it, mainly as I have not washed it except with water since arriving. This is not a common sight in India and I think it amuses them. I did have a shave today which made me feel less grubby. So the hope is I get my train and find the now long overdue Varenasi and a hotel with a hot shower and a soft bed.