Day 6

Toby's Indian Adventure


The day starts at 5 am after another late night and another dog insisting on letting the world know it was there for half the night. What happened to Cameron's plan of meeting up and going to the station?

I have my Agra ticket but it is a wait till the train so I'm back at the hotel waiting for breakfast. I feel that I have been in Delhi for too long. I am starting to see my trip as a brief visit to check things out for my next visit abroad, but next time I don't want to have the hassles of time limits. I am getting a bit of a red sheen so I will have some colour by the time I return, but I fear I will be peeling then rather than tanned. Also I have far to much stuff. My rucksack is full and I haven't done much shopping as yet.

So its off into the unknown again after the familiarity of Delhi. I even met up with Jenny (the woman off the plane) but Charlie never did get that phone call.

Saw what looked to me some sort of Eagle this morning and the sunrise which was very atmospheric with the smog and factory in the background.

Sunrise over Delhi from my hotel roof

The service in the Vivek rooftop restaurant is worse than the Iguana. I have been here since 7 am. It's now 9.30 and I haven't eaten yet! I did get a coffee about an hour ago.