Day 5

Toby's Indian Adventure


Lots of sight seeing today. The precursor to the Taj Mahal, Gandhi's memorial thing, mad Hindi temple. Lots of haggling with the auto-rickshaws. Getting very assertive with fares and buying things yesterday. I've finished the 'just for emergency use' whisky (I blame Cameron). The alarm clock is set for 5 am to get me to the station. Do I go to Jaipor with Cameron or head Southeast to the far closer Agra. Read tomorrow's instalment for an update.

The Gandhi memorial

I almost didn't get round to writing this today but I know that once it starts to slack it will end. It'll be a good record of my visit here. I don't feel that this will be my last visit or maybe it's just travelling. I've started on the long haul of postcard sending which I will need to do at a frantic rate.

Cow powered lawn mowing

I am nervous about my first train journey even if I don't know where it is going. Only because I don't know if I will manage to get on the train. I've got to be up in 3 hours. I haven't packed. The rooms a mess. I am already back into old patterns.

I still haven't seen a mosquito which is a bonus.