Day 4

Toby's Indian Adventure


Still in Delhi - must leave here soon, it's good but I don't want to waste too much time here. Got a shirt today and an alarm clock so I don't veg about too much. It's too easy to miss the daylight as it still gets dark early. The weather is very good just gets to the point where it'd give you sunburn and then cools off. I'm drinking lots of water. Went on huge walk through New Delhi in the dark, which made it seem very the same. Such a contrast to the crowded streets of the Delhi I'm used to. Still loads of traffic, crossing roads a nightmare.

Cameron continues to moan about everything and is still totally paranoid. I am getting less worried. I thought I would be more conscious of my wealth, but I keep seeing things that make me less worried about getting my camera out or wearing my watch which I've now put back on again ( I may take it off but so I don't worry about time not so I won't look so well off). Like in the restaurant I was in this evening. There was a man who came in, sat at my table with his mobile plonked on the table - and he was a local.

I've got enough rupees in change and got the swing of giving money to the odd beggar once in a while and it's been quite nice. I seem to only give to the nice ones not the ones who then demand more. Good Karma I suppose. Saw my first elephants in my road today. Seems strange having such things just lumbering along the road.

A very relaxed Cameron

Getting to know my way around a little but haven't built up any sort of routine apart from having a shave at the same barber two days in a row. I have decided to get lots of useful things which I can use here and give to people as presents when I go back. Like shirts and bags. I am also starting to learn the prices of things by seeing what amounts people just won't except. I seem to have got everything much cheaper than Cameron. It's either that I'm a better, more convincing haggler or I have just got inferior goods.

Me at the worlds largest sun dial - most of it is off camera

Tomorrow I will plan my escape from Delhi and set off into the unknown. Saw the largest sundial in the world today by accident rather than design, It was very big and extremely weird till I worked out what it was.

This bit is something to do with eclipses I think