Day 21

Toby's Indian Adventure


I make it to Delhi and stumble around for a while till light comes. Stricken with poverty till I get some cash changed and suddenly I am wealthy again. I go and have a coffee in a grotty cafe by way of celebration. The pollution is worse than I remember it. It has given me a headache. I must go now stash my crap somewhere whilst I go for a shop.

Today has been the most stressful day of my trip. I think lack of sleep has something to do with it. Constant hassles by the local con merchants and the like. I escape massages and drums, but did have my ears cleaned out with three year guarantee. Had my shoes repaired on three separate occasions so they should last a lifetime.

Hot drinks are diabolical here you can't get black coffee (which admittedly you can't at Reading football ground) and they insist in putting sugar in everything. The air port is dreary and lifeless and my fate is to be here for at least another four hours till I can check in and move to the next step of my return trip. I am tired and exhausted after today. I did manage the shopping. I'm not sure what I got who, or if I did. I have failed to post most of the cards I'd written yesterday and not even written half the ones on my list. Such is life. I do have a nice set of plates and some mugs to show for it so it's not too bad.