Day 2

Toby's Indian Adventure


Saw my first cow in the streets today on leaving Delhi Airport. Managed to get the bus to Connaught Place without too many hitches. I still haven't slept since leaving Reading. It's now 5 pm local time and sleep is becoming more inevitable.

Found hotel for Cameron who was at breaking point. He hasn't adjusted well. My first impression of Delhi. It looked like the Sombe should a sort of shaggy field. Not different enough. Then on landing the taste, acrid and polluted. Never have smell and taste been so interlinked. A real taste at the back of your throat.

I have my own room at the Vivek Hotel (fan and everything). Made use of the shower.

The view from my hotel balcony in Delhi

Went for a wander down the fruit market and beyond. Lost in endless tiny alleyways but found the Hindi festival march.

Had my first rickshaw rides (scary). I must sleep now! But I feel at home.