Day 19

Toby's Indian Adventure


Finances are low but as I have money for all the food I can eat it's not much of a problem. Having a restful day. The climate here is remarkably British and it is overcast with sunny spells. The change is pleasant and it reminds me of home. Spent an hour this morning contacting Gulf Air to reconfirm my flight. So hopefully that will all be fine when I get to the airport. It was a hassle I didn't need, but it is one I can deal with.

Naini Tal with the tear shape lake

I am dying for a beer! I did have one in Varanasi but it was pretty dire and not as cold as beer should be. I can't wait to get going on the plane and get a drink inside me. I think in some ways three weeks is a good amount of time. I've not had a chance to contemplate life too much or really got too settled anywhere. I think I must do some more travelling soon.

I have a thousand postcards to buy and have few souvenirs but those are an aside. I came to get away from it all and I have done that even if it's been by throwing myself in at the deep-end so that I have too much else to think about. Three weeks of sensory overload. Maybe this is why I'm craving beer - a sense of normality, familiarity. I spent too much of my time in the unknown. Where I could understand no-one and could read nothing. Where I didn't know where each street led. It is freeing from predictability but it is also loosing control. It is also good to be freed from the materialism of 'normal' life.