Day 17

Toby's Indian Adventure


It is getting steadily harder to keep this diary partly because I have fuller days now that I am more acquainted with the culture also because I have been travelling lots which is not ideal as my diary is usually at the bottom of my bag or wherever and I think also to an extent because I have acquired some smoke which doesn't often help in such matters.

To finish off yesterday...

I met Depak the strange who wants me to send him a tooth brush,but did get me a blanket which I needed and also gave me his Hindi phrase book - a little too late in many ways.

Depak and I in the botanical gardens

I also had a craving for westernism for a short moment and took solace in Cadburys Dairy milk and a veggie burger. I even heard some crappy pop music.

I eventually got the train after much faffing about trying to find the platform at Lucknow Junction which seemed to escape detection despite everyone else knowing where it was and pointing to more and more unlikely looking places - such as a dug up railway platform. I only found my coach as the train started moving out of the station. Phew!

The beautiful but hectic Lucknow Junction Station


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