Day 15

Toby's Indian Adventure


Shit! Time is running out. I may have to miss out on Bodhgaya and go straight to the Himalayas. I failed to make my early morning rendezvous at the shop and my film still hasn't made an appearance. So I go and have an overpriced breakfast in the restaurant across the street and write some postcards.

Finally I get my photos which are not of the best quality - which I put down to processing rather than to my photographic skills. Many of these I end up giving to 'Pimpto' and friends as leaving gifts, which they are very pleased with. I do little with the day as after the photo getting I had to change some money. Big hassles as no banks would do it for no apparent reason.

A last look at the Ganges.

So finally I get my escape train ticket and am now on my way, weighed down by gifts from my friends of necklaces, incense, cigarette holders etc. - Oh to have friends who are market traders. It is also my first venture into first class travel. Anyway I must get myself ready for bed and the big day ahead in Lucknow, capital of Utter Pradesh, and then onwards to the hills and say goodbye to these flat plains of central India.