Day 11

Toby's Indian Adventure


I have moved residence from the cell like confinement of the hotel Buddha in boring Lahurabir through the epic traffic jams to the ghats. Where I have decamped to. High up on the rooftops amongst the monkeys, looking down onto the cow pocked steps of the ghat. People bathing and swimming in the murky waters of the holy Ganges. It is defiantly worth paying for that little bit of luxury a window and an on-suite bathroom make, discounting the wonderful view. I have had a massage and had a blessing from a Brahmin and tomorrow I plan an early morning row on the Ganges at first light.

My new hotel in Varanasi. Mine is the room right at the top in the middle. You can just see the Ganges at the bottom of the picture (cool).


People swimming and bathing in the Ganges, as seen from my hotel room.

The day has improved since it was first disrupted by hammering on my door as I slept I awoke startled thinking it was late in the day and my alarm clock had stopped. It was dark but then it always is at any hour when your room has no windows. I opened the door as whoever was knocking was not going to stop till I did. I was informed by the man on the other side that it was five o'clock in the morning and I was going to have a cup of coffee! It is good to be out of the hotel of horrors with it's paper thin walls and I'd even got locked in my room.