Day 10

Toby's Indian Adventure


So it is day 10!

Somehow the train station was subtly different when I arrived I knew which train I wanted and could make out the announcements and know which platform to be on. I got the train and spent the journey amongst a merry crowd of Indian which included two drunk Hindus and two stoned Muslims. There was constant entertainment as they bickered about religion poured water to wake people up. Lots of killing with sticks completely insane. I had an introduction to bedis and drank copious clay cups of tea which I am collecting as ashtrays rather than the more traditional act of smashing them out of the window. I was fed and watered, so much for all the health rules. Not much sleep.

I am still amazed by the way Indians use their entire country as a dustbin. They think I am very strange by putting rubbish in my pocket till I find one of the unused bins.

I arrive in Varanasi and with the usual hassle merchants about found my way to a cruddy hotel. There was some protest going on outside with riot police and things. I'm not sure what about. Tomorrow I will find myself a nice place to stay and relax as it is the weekend. I have to live cheap as I have almost run out of cash and the banks will be closed till Monday.

Life in Varanasi with the flute  seller (nice bloke)