Day 1

Toby's Indian Adventure


Muscat transfer lounge. 1:50 am local time.

My fellow passengers and I are slumped on various seats. Smoking to stay awake. Given up talking to each other due to the overwhelming fatigue. Luggage lying around people have given up keeping an eye on it. We've been here so long everyone practically knows everyone else. The man on the next lot of seats snores slowly to himself. The humidity is starting to tell. I need a shower.

I've taken my first photo. It won't come out very well as there's not enough light and the flash will glare on the windows. Still good to get in the swing of using it.

Well I'd managed to get to the airport all right and off we set, but somehow Bahrain had entered into the set up I'm not sure quite how or why. There was no mention of it in the tickets. But hey who cared. I was on my way and I had my window seat. Lots of free drinks and food. I read my book which I now have discovered I left on the plane. Shit!

Some very drunk people on the plane. I met Cameron who's sat next to me through him stealing my matches.

It's dark. We arrive at Bahrain the plane sits there for an hour and a half. We can't get off. We can't smoke (the only comfort we have) and they've closed the beer supply. Then we're off to Muscat. The beer flows again. Have a crafty school boy fag as the plane has become no-smoking for this part of the flight. Get caught!

Muscat transfer lounge

Back on the plane now. Had to fight for my window seat. Don't think it will be best mates with my neighbour. Still I need to sleep and I can crawl off and have a fag with Cameron, Charlie (the drunken Sikh), or the nice woman who's name I don't know, or the old Indian man who's name I also don't know. It's good how you can get to meet people when your all thrown in the same boat.

I am so tired and the plane is still on the runway.

The air stewards are handing out the wipes again. I am starting to appreciate them now.