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Choose which photo's you wish to see by clicking on the thumbnails to the left. The photos are compressed quite a lot to keep the image sizes low and stop it grinding too much. This does make the quality not quite perfect but then if you wanted perfect quality you want photos not the web

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Main Photo Gallery

Main Photo Gallery

A selection of my favourite photos.

People Gallery

People Gallery

If you know me then check out this gallery to see if you're in it and who else you know is.

India Gallery

People Gallery

The Photos of my Indian Adventure.

New Pictures

New Gallery

A place to put up some of my newer photos.

If anyone is that sad that they want copies I can send you a better quality one easily enough. Anyway these photos are just here because they can be.


PS Sorry to those who know me and haven't made it on here yet your time will come. Bigger apologies to those of you that have made it.