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About CardShop

CardShop is an online virtual card service. This service is FREE and information will be kept confidential and not used for any other purposes (see privacy statement).

If you have received a virtual card and wish to see it click on collect.

Greetings may contain still photos or animated pictures.

Cards can be sent to anyone who has an e-mail address and who has access to a web browser to view their greeting. After you have designed your greeting an e-mail will be sent to the recipient informing them that they have been sent a virtual card. They will be given an access code that allows them to view their message. Choose send to design and send a greeting.

Privacy Statement

Briefly, Any information provided to the CardShop will be kept as securely as we can and will not be used for any purposes other than to provide a virtual greeting to the individual you have chosen.

Warning: The Internet by it's nature is insecure and no guarantee can be given that information may not be viewable by others. We will endeavour to reduce this possibility. E-mail address's will not be stored.

Conditions of use

CardShop is a FREE service but users must observe the conditions of use:

  • Material that is of an illegal or offensive nature must not be included in greetings sent using CardShop.
  • This service may not be used to harass or in any other way distress the recipient of your message.
  • The author of a greeting is responsible for the content of any message sent and any consequences of sending such a greeting.
  • No liability is accepted for any loss caused by the use of CardShop or the delivery or none delivery of any greetings.
  • No guarantee of availability of service.
  • Conditions of use may be changed at a future date.

Advanced Use

If you are feeling brave and know a bit of HTML then you can include some in the message of the card. Preview it first just to make sure it's OK. Warning editing your card will eat any <br> tags you may have. Good Luck!


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