About dacre.net



Dacre.net started out and remains a place for me to practice my web related skills. Most of what is on the site is here because it filled some design challenge at some time. From early playing around with frames and stylesheets in the Photo Gallery, JavaScript in the Moon Phase Calculator, Perl CGI's in the Gallery Search, e-mail support in CardShop ...

Naturally enough the content of the site reflects some of my interests. The majority of the site contents; graphics, animations, prose etc. are my own creation. Yes, I saw the cursor trails first on another site but I didn't steal the source code - that's no challenge.

Stuff up here is the finished product so much of the stuff you just don't get to see as it doesn't pass the test. Can I justify having them on the page plus I have to be happy with the graphics. On many things the test is how much including it on a page would slow things down (generally to download) or browser incompatibility. I don't want things that you only get with one browser. I want everyone to see everything. Most of the time you can get round this, but if Netscape says you can't have scrollbars in a layer then you can't have scroll bars in a layer. Well not till I get that Java appelet sorted .. now why did I need scrollbars in a layer?

I try not to just leave pages to 'rot' and periodically review and amend them. Much of the time this is just optimising them a little more, improving on the design or keeping them current.

Hopefully what I've added you will find useful, interesting or at least amusing. If you have any ideas let me know, it may be the challenge that I'm after.

Alternatively if you like what you see and want some web design doing, get in touch! I can also get all that domain registering and hosting stuff taken care of. Visit mushroom-magic.com for more details.